Zonta Seminar “Working Women-Working Mum”


Amelia Earhart Award 2005



Two Amelia Earhart Award fellows in the United Kingdom.


Ana Pilar Garcia Sagrado, Cambridge University and Sarah Catherine Blackmar, Imperial College London received the Amelia Earhart Awards in London.


The celebration of the Amelia Earhart’s Award winners made a flying start at the prestigious Royal Air Force Club in London’s Piccadilly
as it set a new fundraising record.

The host - Zonta Club of London I - welcomed more than 50 high-fliers from all over the world to the successful March event.

The Governor of District 29, Regina Smit from The Netherlands, presented the certificates, the wings and pins to the bright and talented young
fellowship winners, Ana Garcia Sagrado and Katie Blackmar.

As a special personal touch, the Governor also handed over a souvenir which has helped make her country famous throughout the world – Dutch cheese.

Among the impressive group of overseas visitors were District 21 Governor Majken Stahl and four members of the Zonta Club of Hasslehom,
led by the club’s president Ruth Brunner.

The traditional English meal – smoked salmon and roast beef with Yorkshire pudding – went down a treat with the international guests.

Generous donations, mainly bottles, but also a cuddly bear, food hamper and a mountain bike, meant the raffle tickets were very popular and
nearly everyone went home with something.

A much appreciated feature of the evening was the musical interlude by Isabel Huszar, a gifted young Swedish violinist.

Next year, a party will see Katie Blackmar back again, as she has already found out she is an award winner a second time around.

Amelia Earhart’s legacy lives on.

Happy landing!


Yvonne Johnson Mullin, president Zonta Club London I



Bonn Germany 10-12 March 2006


Zontians from 6 different countries attended the Seminar in Bonn.

Working Women-Working Mum was the subject and we discussed in business sessions and language groups about several topics.

We learned about the social security in the 6 countries, about the differences between income of men and women, the differences in the exemption
of men and women for honorary activities of their professional duties, the chances for women as self-employed person and in freelance occupations.

We learned from the countries The Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia and Belgium.

Moderators and interviewers discussed with the groups the whole Saturday and Sunday morning.


Friday evening was the dinner in the house of the Zontians from the ZC Bonn and ZC Bonn Rheinaue. Open House is a change to have a peep
behind the curtains of a German house. And of course Zontians can talk!


Saturday evening was the surprise dinner and we have had a beautiful evening with music and dance. We all could dance.

This was a big event!!!


Below are some photo’s from the seminar: The plenaire discussion, the committee who organized the seminar and the interviewers and moderators.


Thank you for this wonderful weekend.