Interesting women in the world

Claudie Haignere - Doctor and Astronaut

Rheumatologist, specialist in Aviation and Medecine and mother of a small child, Claudie Haignere is the first French space astronaut.

The launching left from Baikonour, in Kazakhstan, taking a capsule Soyouz( a capsule) toward the new international space station and orbited at 400 km around the Earth.

see site cnes.


Tarja Halonen - President of Finland

On February 6th, 2000 Finland elected a women as president of their country.
Tarja Halonen has joined a very closed cercle of seven women that are presently heads of state. The new president is not only a women but also a woman who fights for the fundamental rights of women and against discrimination.

En March 2000 YUNSOOK LEE, Gouvernor of District 26, was elected by the national assembly of South Korea as representative of the political party, Hannara. The month before Yunsook was chosen at the assembly to be president of a special committee for women.

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