Zonta International Scholarships and Awards

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Young Women in Public Affairs

56 awards for Young Women in Public Affairs at district level,
and two international awards; in a total of 17 countries.

The Zonta International YWPA Program (Young Women in Public Affairs) was established in 1990 to encourage secondary school women, 21 years of age or younger, to pursue careers and leadership positions in social policy-making, government and volunteer organizations.


See article "This Award is so special for young women. The Young Women in Publlic Affairs Award 2005 in District 29

Zonta International Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships

The Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship program was established to encourage undergraduate women to enter careers and to seek leadership positions in business-related fields.The program ultimately seeks to increase the number of women in decision-making positions in order to make a difference in the lives of women and men worldwide.


Any women who is currently enrolled in the second or third year of a business-related undergraduate degree program during the current school year is eligible to compete for a Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship


  1. Encourage women to advance the status of women in executive positions by providing scholarships for undergraduate studies in business management.
  2. Support Women in Busines scholar's pursuit of executive business careers by offering mentorship or internship opportunities through contacts provided by
    local Zonta clubs
  3. Provide opportunities for Women in Business scholars to be active in advancing the status of women by offering alumni benefits, by including them in Zonta activities and by aiming to receive them as members in Zonta clubs after graduation.


  • Zonta Internation will offer six International scholarships in the amount of US$5,000 to women in their third or fourth year of undergrate business study.
  • Districts will select applicants for consideration for international scholarships. Each district may present one candidate
  • The International Women in Business committee will select the internation recipients for the approval of the Zonta International Board


  • The International Scholarships will continue to be funded by the Zonta International Foundation Women in Business Fund
  • Clubs and Districts are encouraged to provide their own award at the club and district levels

Amelia Earhart Fellowship Award

In 1938, Zonta established a fellowship award commemorating Amelia Earhart.


The Zonta International fellowship awards were established in 1938 in honour of Amelia Earheart, famed pilot and member of Zonta International.
These awards are granted annually to women pursuing graduate degrees in aerospace-related sciences and sciences and aerospace-related engineering

Page on G. Faye Boudreaux-Bartels-Boursier-Amelia Earhart 1979,1980,1981
Page on Dr Susan L. Hallenbeck.




  • Women of any nationality are eligible. To apply for the fellowship, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have completed a bachelor's degree in a qualifying area of science or engineering closely related to advanced studies
    in aerospace-related science or aerospace-related engineering.

  • Demostrate a superior academic record with evidence of potential at a recognized university or college as verified by
    verification by an institution of higher education with accredited courses in aerospace-related studies

  • Provide evidence of a well-defined research programm in aerospace-related science or aerospace-related engineering as
    described in the application essay, research and publications. Clearly demonstrate the relationship of your research
    program through at least one of the referees providing the recommendation required with the application
  • By the time the followship is awarded, have completed one year of aerospace-related graduate studies at a
    well-recognized instituation of higher education.


    The fellowship of US $6,000 may be used for tuition, books and fees, or living expenses. The award may be
    used at any university or college offering accredited courses and degrees in aerospace studies. Fellowships may be
    renewed for an additional year by a current Fellow and will undergo the same application and evaluation procedures
    as first-time applicants.


    All application, recommendations, transcripts , and graduate acceptance or letter of current standing must
    must be received or post-marked by 15 November to be considered. The most updated Amelia Earhart
    application (in Adobe Arobat Reader and electronic formats) can be found on the Zona Web.
    Site at www.zonta.org

  • All applicans will be notified by April

"Performance" Scholarship (awarded in France)

3 scholarships are awarded to young women who have real difficulties in achieving success in their projects because they are women.

This scholarship is awarded to intellectual, manual, artistic and sporting projects.

Documents and project (candidates must be 27 years maximum)

Date : 01 February (even year)

The aim of this scholarship is to help a woman achieve a high level in a profession which is difficult for women to work in : 3 scholarships are offered.



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